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The Franchise Process

Our process for identifying only the most talented people with the desire, commitment and personality to operate a Papa John’s franchise has been developed since our first franchise was awarded back in 1984.

All or franchisees are aligned with our Purpose and Values.

We love pizza and we believe it brings us together. The world deserves BETTER PIZZA and we deliver it.



The proven process is built on the following values:

  • People first: focus on the customer and team members
  • Everyone belongs: we believe in diversity, equity, inclusion and teamwork
  • Do the right thing: integrity and character for a better community
  • Innovate to win: think differently and lead change
  • Have fun: it’s pizza. It has to be fun!

You are at the start of an exciting journey to take control and become a Papa John’s franchisee. There is a great amount of information to digest so we operate a multi-stage selective recruitment process.

Step by step process to becoming a Papa John’s store owner:

Step by step process to becoming a Papa John’s store owner:

1. Get the franchise information pack

Can you see yourself running a Papa John’s franchise? Want to find out more about our exciting business opportunity? Then download our Papa John’s franchise information pack now.

2. Application

Complete the application form, make sure you have the supporting documents and information to hand as we are keen to find out more about you too. Once completed and sent back to us, Phil Gaffer our Business Development Manager will then give you a call.

3. Discovery Meeting

Let’s meet up either virtually or face to face and find out a bit more about each other? We will cover all aspects of the opportunity in a 1-2-1 format to ensure that we fully understand you and your aspirations and of course you will be provided with enough information about us to enable us both to make an informed decision.

4. Guest Visit

Always wanted to know why Papa John’s stands for Better Ingredients Better Pizza? We’ll invite you to spend some time in a Papa John’s store so you can experience the way Better pizza should be made, while also meeting the central team who are going to support you every step of the way. They will handle responsibilities including staff training, national and local store marketing, as well as field support.

5. Business Planning

It’s time to get down and do the numbers. We give you a business plan template, it’s up to you now to complete it using your experience gained and research into your chosen region. Of course, we are here to help and support you and provide the information to allow you to complete it, but it is very much your business plan.

6. Approval Interview

This is your opportunity to impress. You will present the findings of your due diligence and business planning to the leadership team, you will tell them about yourself, what you have learned and, armed with your completed business plan, explain how you are going to achieve success.

7. Approval

We make no apologies for being selective and only awarding the franchise to applicants who have demonstrated the required attributes to operate a successful Papa John’s business. Following your business plan presentation, we will write to you confirming our approval for you to join Papa John’s as a franchisee.

8. Trade Zone Agreement

Our Property team can now commence locating your Papa John’s store in your chosen region. Our expertise in site acquisition and construction allows you to concentrate on training and building your team. If you are investing in an existing Papa John’s store, then our business development team will be at hand to oversee the transaction to ensure a smooth handover.

9. Training

Before you are handed the keys of your first Papa John’s store you will attend and graduate from the franchisee Management Training Programme (MTP). We run this six-week course regularly throughout the year so that your graduation will coincide with when your store is ready for opening.

10. Store Opening

This is the culmination of all yours and our hard work. We will be there with you on the big day to offer training and support for you and your new team. In fact, our operations experts will be at hand on site for the first two weeks after opening a new store to make sure every customer enjoys our great pizza and you have the confidence to build upon early success.