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Benefits of being a Franchisee

Our purpose is simple. We LOVE pizza. We believe that pizza brings us all together and makes our community better. The world deserves better pizza and we deliver it. Our values are what define us and have made us into the globally loved pizza franchise we are today.

Outstretched hands sharing a Papa Johns pizza

People first

Focus on the customer and team members

Everyone belongs

we believe in diversity, equality, inclusion and teamwork

Do the right thing

Integrity and character for a better community

Innovate to win

Think differently and lead change

Have fun

it’s pizza. It has to be fun!

People First

People First

Papa Johns wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for the brilliant people that are part of our team. Nurturing talent and giving staff the opportunities to grow and thrive is at the core of our beliefs. Our people also include our loyal customers who we must be thinking about every step of the way to give them the best-tasting pizza.

The life of a franchisee involves meeting a lot of people so excellent communication skills are vital. From managing staff to interacting with customers the franchisee will face new challenges every day. That is why we help in building strong teams to best serve our valued communities by offering all new and existing franchisees support from a dedicated franchise business manager.

Our Quality Control Center (QCC) located in Milton Keynes, but available online, is where you’ll receive our tried and tested formulas in areas including:

  • Training new staff
  • Marketing – our award-winning UK marketing team will look after national brand awareness on your behalf
  • Product control
  • Pricing
Everyone belongs

Everyone belongs

We’re looking for talented individuals that match our core values, and show the entrepreneurial skills and managerial capabilities to run a Papa Johns franchise. We’ve now made it even easier to get a slice of the action by introducing two formats for people that are looking to franchise with us.

If you are looking for a long-term investment opportunity in a sustainable marketplace then you’ll love our traditional multi-store franchise format. These stores are the units you see on the high-street.

We offer businesses the opportunity to partner with us and introduce a Papa Johns unit in their existing setup using our non-traditional format.

Non-traditional format

  • Located at complementary businesses (leisure parks, sporting venues, pubs and restaurants)
  • Collection and casual dining only
  • Reduced or seasonal opening hours
  • Flexible menu. Pizza can be ordered by the slice.

Traditional format

  • Minimum 1000 ft. floor plan
  • Optimized for both delivery and collection
  • Full menu offering, including online ordering
  • Postcode delivery trade zone

Read our case studies for success stories with both our formats

Innovate to Win

Innovate to Win

Why are we the best? Here are some of the reasons:

  • We are an established and proven global brand
  • We offer high quality, innovative and great tasting food
  • Our franchise model is tried and tested with excellent profit potential
  • Papa Johns is a robust and sustainable business – we opened more stores last year than our competitors combined!
  • Awarded pizza delivery chain of the year 2019 and 2020
  • Papa Johns has enjoyed year on year growth with positive global sales revenue
  • The number 2 pizza delivery chain in the UK
Do the right thing

Do the right thing

We offer a variety of incentives for our Traditional and Non Traditional formats to support franchisees with building a successful business. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Have fun

Have fun

It’s pizza. It has to be fun! We love what we do and highly capable individuals that want to serve their community with better pizza will love to work with us!

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